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Pro version of Lurbel’s high performance band.  Adaptable, breathable and facilitates the aeration of sweat to the outer layer of the fabric. Based on IDT technology (1+1 thread) the outer layer and Lycra (elastane) for greater adaptability. Three-dimensional fabric with padded effect and improved fit and comfort.

Advanced textile thermoregulation

When it comes to comfort for the athlete, moisture management is key.

We don’t intend to be just another brand. So in addition to offering athletes optimal technical performance, we strive to implement initiatives and procedures that allow us to be more environmentally friendly.
That’s why the iDT Neo Recycled technology uses recycled polyester in the yarn that supports the ionic carbonized bamboo particles.

Increased moisture expansion and greater evaporation range and surface area. Thanks to its five channels, its structure increases the amount of sweat that is expelled to the outside and dries it more quickly, keeping your body at an optimal temperature.

iDT Neo Recycled incorporates polyester from recycled sources.

The recycled polyester on which the carbonized bamboo ion particles are based is obtained from industrial waste from the textile supply chain, along with selected PET containers that are shredded and extruded before being reprocessed and converted into new polymers.


Thanks to our demanding supplier selection process, our recycled polyester supplier is a Spanish-based company with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) seal. This certification guarantees that, in addition to being a more environmentally friendly yarn, it meets all the performance requirements of the virgin polymer used so far in iDT Neo technology.


  • Customised thermoregulation: transports more moisture to the outside and dries faster.
  • Double odour barrier: ionised bamboo yarn and a silver grid work together to prevent the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.
  • Temperature regulators: thermal insulation.
  • Protection factor SPF 50+.

Now even the details make a difference:

  • More natural and soft to the touch:

The zigzag structure makes the material bend and stretch easily due to its special shape incorporating 5 channels (this is perceived as a more spongy and softer texture).

  • More vibrant colours:

The larger surface area of the new polyester yarn allows better absorption of the dyes, thus enhancing the colour of the garment..

  • Ironed effect:

Regardless of the movement you make, the iDT neo fabric recovers its structure smoothly as soon as you stop putting pressure on it..