Levitate Stealthfit 6 women

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  • Super springy feeling
  • Updated and adaptable fit
  • Rapid transitions
127,00 VAT included
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Technical specifications

Category: Responsive cushioning
Offset: 8 mm
Weight: 258 g
Ideal for: neutral-footed runners looking for a comfortable and well-cushioned shoe model, yet capable of retaining a fair amount of elasticity and dynamism.
Athlete weight: 50-70kg
Running pace: medium (5-6 min / km)
Technical specification guide

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Reach your running goals with the new women’s Levitate StealthFit 6.

Super stretchy cushioning and a sleek upper combine for an energising run that feels seamless.



  • 51.9 % : Recycled materials in the upper
  • 9.13 : Plastic bottles diverted from landfills


  Training for a milestone

  Maintaining the ideal physique

Maintaining physical health



  • Super springy feeling
  • Updated and adaptable fit
  • Rapid transitions

Super stretchy with a sleek, seamless fit.


Super elastic sensation

The DNA AMP v2 foam is 10 per cent lighter than before and we put even more of it in the midsole for more comfort with every step.

  • An extra 2 mm of DNA AMP v2 foam increases the elasticity of the ride.
  • DNA AMP foam returns the energy by absorbing it when the foot touches the ground and then sending it right back.
  • Our cushioning technologies all start with DNA, because they react to your unique stride.


Adaptable fit

With an updated Fit Knit upper, our StealthFit structure is now more breathable, while providing stretch and compression for an adaptable fit that moves with you.

  • The new Levitate StealthFit shape has more volume for a more complete and adaptable fit.
  • Wider midfoot for smooth transitions from heel to toe.


Rapid transitions

The arrowhead pattern of the sole allows the foot to move quickly from heel to toe, enhancing the springy feel of the shoe.

  • Fast transitions help reduce ground contact time, keeping the stride quick and efficient.


Origin stories: the Levitate

To help runners reach their goals, we introduced the Levitate in 2017. With incredible energy return and a super springy feel, the Levitate is the cornerstone of our Energize category, making every mile a little easier. We collaborated with materials manufacturer BASF to develop the DNA AMP midsole compound, which provides ample energy return, among the highest in our line.

As your goals continue to evolve, we’ve worked steadily to bring you lighter, sleeker, more energetic strides. We started by adding more DNA AMP v2 to the Levitate’s midsole, which is 10% lighter and offers the highest energy return for greater drive in every stride. In addition, we refined the upper to ensure greater breathability and a flexible fit that adapts to your foot. And while we improved your comfort, we also added a wider midfoot for a smooth transition from heel to toe, so you can pursue your goals with ease.

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3 35.5 5 22
3.5 36 5.5 22.5
4 36.5 6 23
4.5 37.5 6.5 23.5
5 38 7 24
5.5 38.5 7.5 24.5
6 39 8 25
6.5 40 8.5 25.5
7 40.5 9 26
7.5 41 9.5 26.5
8 42 10 27
8.5 42.5 10.5 27.5
9 43 11 28
9.5 44 11.5 28.5
10 44.5 12 29
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11 45.5 13 30