Caldera 6 men

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  • cushioned, light and resistant
  • ideal for mixed terrain, for both walking and running
  • excellent durability
90,00 VAT included


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Technical specifications

Category: top cushioning
Offset: 6 mm
Weight: 312 g
Ideal for: off-road runners looking for a well-cushioned model that can be used for long and medium distances both in the mountains and on dirt roads and occasionally asphalt.
Athlete weight: 70-90kg
Running pace: medium (5.00 min / km)
Guide to technical specifications

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Overcome any distance with the nitro- infusion

Give your run an extra boost with the all-new softest Brooks cushioning ever. DNA LOFT v3 with nitro-infusion offers maximum softness and stability on any terrain. You do not set limits, with shoes for the long that can withstand kilometers and kilometers of trails.

Designed to help you grind miles after miles of trail, the men’s Caldera 6 long-distance trail running shoe offers reliable traction and high cushioning to help you confidently tackle the roughest terrain. All this to allow you to hit new trails without having to worry about your feet.

Explore new routes and travel miles and miles in total comfort.

Maximum comfort

Maximum softness

Now featuring nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 technology, our super soft cushioning is optimized to be lightweight, responsive and durable without sacrificing softness and comfort.

  • The innovative infusion process nitrogen allows us to optimize softness with high precision, without sacrificing weight, durability or reactivity.
  • DNA is the basis of all our cushioning technologies, responsive and adaptable to your specific stride.

Comfort on all surfaces

Stable run

Redesigned midsole and outsole with embossed sidewalls and expanded surface, to hold your foot firmly in place and ensure a stable ride.

  • The TrailTack rubber sole offers excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • TPU tip protects fingers from the rocky ground

Feel comfortable

Secure and comfortable fit

The upper keeps the foot stable without sacrificing breathability, thanks to the new lightweight and quick-drying Air Mesh fabric.

  • so that they do not get caught in the debris during the trail
  • The front and rear provide a secure fit for the gaiters

Origin Stories: Caldera

Caldera was born to take charge of the kilometers even on the most demanding trails, giving comfort to runners at every moment of the course. The baptism of the terrain took place in 2017 and since then we have improved it year after year, to find the perfect balance of traction, cushioning and energy return.

The new Caldera features nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 technology, which is softer, lighter and more responsive than DNA LOFT. Thanks to the extraordinary comfort and stability it offers, runners can safely forget about their shoes and concentrate on the trail.

U.K. E.U. U.S. cm
4 37.5 5 23.5
4.5 38 5.5 24
5 38.5 6 24.5
5.5 39 6.5 25
6 40 7 25
6.5 40.5 7.5 25.5
7 41 8 26
7.5 42 8.5 26.5
8 42.5 9 27
8.5 43 9.5 27.5
9 44 10 28
9.5 44.5 10.5 28.5
10 45 11 29
10.5 45.5 11.5 29.5
11 46 12 30
11.5 46.5 12.5 30.5
12 47.5 13 31
14 48.5 14 31.5
14.5 49.5 15 32
15 50.5 16 32.5